SuperF4 1.0

Simple tool for killing processes with ease


  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • System tray icon can be disabled


  • No option to enable warnings

Very good

There are times when you have a hung or crashed program, but Windows is too preoccupied to open task manager when you Ctrl-Alt-Delete. SuperF4 is a little app you can run in the background to instantly kill any application.

SuperF4 gives you a new key board command to kill a process. Ctrl+Alt+F4 will close whatever process is selected at that time, and Windows key + F4 will kill the next application you left click with your mouse. If you hit Windows+F4 but change your mind, Escape or simple a right click will cancel it. Once you choose to kill a process, there is no "are you sure?" pop up, it will just disappear - so be careful!

Quitting hung programs is still an unfortunately regular Windows occurrence, and Windows Task Manager has never been the best way of doing the job. SuperF4 splits quitting applications from system monitoring, which is very sensible in terms of using system resources.

If you suffer from hung programs a lot, SuperF4 is a great app to have a the ready.



SuperF4 1.0

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